Meet Innovative Mom … Elizabeth Tata from Cameroon Africa

I am a Cameronian female who hails from the North West Region in the Tikari(Nkambe). I am from a single parent home(mom) and also a single mom of one. I attended the Catholic Christ the King primary school Nkambe town and started my college education at St. Rita's Catholic comprehensive commercial and technical high school Nkambe and later completed and obtained my Baccalaureate at St Mary's Catholic comprehensive commercial and technical high school Ndop (Ngokintunjia sub division ). I completed a 3 year nursing course at the St. Jude Higher Institute of nursing in biomedical Sciences Bamenda where I finally received my HND(Higher National Diploma). I am a Christian, a singer and an actor. I have developed ways to raise funds to support other single moms in my area that are in need. I buy and sell used clothes, shoes as well as help empower and guide single moms who would like to venture in to entrepreneurship for the first time.