The Innovative Mom was borne out of my experience as a Mother, wife, single mom, teacher, employee, financier, real estate agent, chef, mechanic, handy chick, friend, lover, driver, physician and so many more hats that were worn. It is borne out of being homeless, exhausted, sad and lonely but knowing deep within that I was The Innovative Mom and dreaming, planning and execution were the only option. It was borne out of such a deep and endearing love for my children that I needed to survive and continue to give hope to them by maintaining hope within myself. For most moms,  tired = motivated, sleepy = alert, lonely = love, exhaustion = creativity, 24 hours = time leaving little time for self. The I.M. offers a new innovative way of thinking about motherhood. Much Love to you… Elena


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The Innovative Mom is a platform to support, educate and empower moms globally. More and more moms are feeling unsupported and overwhelmed as they raise their families. Whether working, stay at home, or entrepreneurs, our responsibilities as moms are vast. We are here to meet the needs of moms globally by Supporting, Educating, and Empowering moms through resources, workshops, one on on coaching and programs. Our commitment is to help them implement self-care in its entirety and know that it's not a choice between them or those they care for, but that it’s essential to care for both simultaneously.    


We serve and support all moms of all ages in all countries

 At The Innovative Mom, we believe that although worldwide we are culturally different, as moms our hearts and desires for our family are alike. We have this innate ability to nurture others with a tendency to place ourselves on hold. Our promise here at The Innovative Mom is to honor, encourage, support and uplift all moms around the world as they define their goals, dreams, and purpose in life. We promise to provide local and global resources that enrich and nurture moms, while providing an understanding, healing, encouraging, loving and fun environment that will help moms revitalize their own purposeful hopes, dreams and goals while simultaneously caring for their children and others.


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These are our grassroots efforts to assist moms globally. Here’s our impact so far…

  • Financially assisted local single mom with expenses during a crisis.

  • Financially assisted mom in Kenya with school expenses for her child.

  • Financially Assisted a mom in Cameroon with phone expense.

  • Held Several Self Care Workshops that allowed moms to learn about nutrition, meditation, and the importance of self care.


By supporting The I.M. you're helping to build programs, resources, research/development and create a global community of moms that will be supported, educated and empowered to innovatively recreate their lives that will have a powerful impact on self as well as those around her. 

Our Programs will focus on the whole being. Self Care is a puzzle that's put together as we explore who we are and what our needs and desires may be. It takes all elements delicately balanced so that we as moms can function to our fullest self and create an atmosphere that changes the lives of the next generation and those around us. As our programs are being built, we will continue to build professional teams to provide valuable resources and education to moms through various workshops and learning platforms. 

We accept monetary donations, in kind donations as well as expertise of service and time.