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The Innovative Mom Collective is a series of essays, interviews and podcasts with moms. A place where you can find real talk with moms who have decided to share their journey, spread love, fun, silliness, challenges, triumphs, ideas to give insight and hope to others.  I would love to photo shop every picture to give the illusion that life is always so very perfect... but it's not, so you will see the real in all that we do. Get ready to have fun, share and live the experience of The Innovative Mom. 

What type of mom are you? Single mom, international mom, expat mom, working mom, mom with a child who has special needs, adoptive mom, step mom, empty nester, homeless mom, stay at home mom, happy mom, depressed mom entrepreneur, teen mom, old mom, millennial, baby boomer, gen x, mom with a disability, mom who’s lost a child, we would love to hear from you! All over the world we have moms who have stories to tell, all stories are magnificent and we’d like to hear from you! Your story will help enlighten and encourage other moms globally! Fill out the form below to submit your story and we will contact you within the week! Much love to you!

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Past Interviews

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I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Tina Singh YouTube and IG Vlogger … Mom Boss of 3. I’ve been listening to her for a couple of years and it was such a honor and pleasure to have this moment of friendship built over social media! Check out the interview below!