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Meghna is a lifestyle blogger, content writer and influencer. Married to her best friend, she's an Indian Expat living it up in Dubai. She is a doting mom to a precious 3 year old feisty little girl. Writing about motherhood, toddler  life, romance & relationships, staying git, sassy and stylish with a great impetus on selfcare, she's quickly becoming a go to guide for mom life in Dubai! 

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5 Superb Ideas to go on a date with your kids in Dubai... 

It is that time of the year when heart, love, romance and date night becomes the keyword of your existence. February brings with it a whole stream of activities, events, products, and experience marketing the ” Love is in the Air” theme, thanks to the cliche’ that Valentine’s Day is all about. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about Love and Romance and I even enjoy the Valentine festivities but once Motherhood hit me, my definition of love has changed.

"Whether you are a New mom, or a New Dad or a veteran parent with a few kids, I bet you will agree that we need quality time with our kids to forge the special bond that we shall all cherish in our old age." Right?
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1. Go to Ripe Market and have a picnic at Zabeel Park with your little one. 


2.Have some sensory fun at "We Rock The Spectrum Gym" for kids in Jumeirah


3. Experience the magic of childhood with an amalgamation of science and art for kids at the "Olie Olie." (which means Joy in Hawaiian)


4. Lounge on the Beach and have a blast at JBR Beach. 


5. Play dress up as a Mermaid or your son as a Pirate at Mermaids of Arabia.