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Expanding Your Boundaries

There's so many ways to do mom life globally, PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURES ABOVE to catch a glimpse...Much love to you

I talk a great deal about going physically Outside of your 10 mile radius to explore and begin to experience different things. My reason for this is simply to encourage moms to get involved so that they can broaden their horizon and share with others what they've experienced and learned. I'm not Oprah, but what I do know for sure is that growth of self,  love and acceptance of others goes beyond our borders. 

There are over 190 countries in the world with added provinces. If you've read my tips, you know that when my kids were smaller, I would have them do research on different countries as a group, do a report about different aspects of that culture and cook a dish at the end of the week to commemorate what they'd learned. This was so that they could see that there was more to life than their immediate borders, expand their mindset, learn from other cultures and help gain acceptance and love for those who were different than what they saw around them.

I keep a list of all countries and I've learned so much about others. I've realized that unless we step outside of our 10 mile radius mentally we will become closed minded. There are villages, cities, islands, regions that THRIVE within their own culture and welcome people who are interested in knowing about their lives. As moms, we should continue to build our knowledge of life and this world. It helps us grow and find out what we really want out of life, what's truly important to us and how we can make an impact in the lives of others. (spouse, kids, family and friends) Yes we are super busy


In order to expand your mental boundaries, (not appropriation but appreciation of different cultures)  you must never stop learning. I'm not saying this to add something else to your plate, what I am asking you to do is instead of :


  • Living habitually ... live INNOVATIVE

  • Watching the same show series on TV ... go check out a different country, who they are, what is unique about them and share what you've learned.

  • Mindless entertainment that stifles you ... explore the world

  • Going out with your girlfriends, talking about the same thing ... challenge one another to broaden your minds and discuss other cultures

  • Preparing and eating the same foods ... research a different region and cook their food (you won't know you like or dislike it until you've tried it)

  • Going to the movies ... look for things that are culturally enriching. (events, festivals, museums)

  • Living passivel ..., look for ways to live BOLDY

  • Living quietly ... ASK someone about their heritage/culture

  • Talking for hours on the phone ... take a virtual tour of the world.

This , rest assured, will allow you to expand your boundaries, learn, love, respect, accept others and broaden your life #Outside10.