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Meet Innovative Mom, Maki Manning, a native of Tokyo, Japan, has called the U.S. her second home for the last 27 years. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters Mia (20 years old) and Olivia (13 years old). She currently resides in Atlanta, GA with Olivia, her husband Robert, and a cat Percy. She believes in the power of love and humanity and tries to embody that through her approach to life everyday. She has a Master's degree in education and had worked in education field in many capacities. She has also held many interesting and exciting professions. She loves learning more than anything and still keeps on evolving as a human!

She recently received the formal training as a life coach and launched M-JOY LIVING in early 2019. She now offers life/motivational coaching services using various healing and philosophical modalities that she has acquired over the course of her life. She has also established an original concept called "Multi-Passion LIFE" that encourages people to rediscover their "innate curiosity" and use it as their compass to navigate through their journey and lead more fulfilled life. She passionately shares her approach to life through her original program "Multi-Passion LIFE: 7 Steps to Blossom into Your Authentic Self and Let Your Inner Light Shine"

Her soul mission is to empower her clients, especially women and children, and guide them through their own soul journey so they can heal themselves, reconnect with their INNER LIGHT, and start shining as their souls were really meant to do. She's been working tirelessly to bring more love, joy, and peace by fulfilling her responsibility as a citizen of the Earth and sharing her light with others!

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