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I.M. ME The story behind the Tee

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It’s a fairy-tale really, no prince involved, just a princess facing challenges and realizing her power within. One day she was a struggling single mom of five, unsure of what life would bring, unsure of who she was and what it was destined for her to become and then…

Let’s begin the story here… Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of becoming a mom someday. She lived life just like anyone else, grew to be a beautiful woman full of hopes and dreams. She met and fell in love with a young man, they got married, and had 5 absolutely wonderful children. There were great times filled with fun, laughter and happiness, and not so great times filled with sadness, bitterness, and challenges. As life would have it, things happened here and there and one day she realized that this was no longer the road to be traveled. So she set out with 5 kids in tow and started life anew. This new life brought a sense of incredible responsibility as a single mom. She worked 18+ hours a day, and at times 3 jobs 7 days a week and went to school full time to make a better life for them. Although she was exhausted, she tried with all her might to stay positive and in a state of bliss in her mind so that the kids would not be affected by her stress.

She was determined to look at the world AND her life in such a way that created an atmosphere of positivity, freedom, growth and change. She was depleted but tenacious, so she kept moving forward.. She was determined to create stability. It wasn’t easy but it was doable, she put self on the back burner and pushed forward. Day after day she would work, go to school and come home to five fairy children who also worked hard at school and somehow created magical places for her to rest, relax and cultivate her hopes and dreams. They would serve tea, make dinner, clean and show unconditional love to her each day.

During this time though, she didn’t feel beautiful, empowered, happy, strong, loved, supported, she felt alone. Although she had family and friends who loved her, she still felt ALONE. Surely she wasn’t the only mom that felt this. So, she made friends with moms in different countries and realized that even though they were culturally different their mom experience of emotions, joys, triumphs, challenges and perceived defeats were quite similar. So with pen and paper in hand, on lunch breaks and any spare time found, she vowed to globalize motherhood, unite moms across the world and give love, support, educations and empowerment to them, just like they gave to others.

With that in mind, she was given a magical vision by God to create The Innovative Mom as a way to globally impact the lives of moms. (To be a mother to the mothers so to speak) So she worked more, saved, quit her job and started building her company, The Innovative Mom™. She attended classes, workshops, webinars and such to make sure that she knew how to start and run a business, and she was getting the hang of it all until…

One day while alone in her apartment, she started feeling a bit weird. She thought maybe it was something simple that would leave soon, but alas no. The feeling continued, her face began to pull, she couldn’t’ swallow, the left side of her arm began to get numb, it was then she realzied that maybe she should go to the doctor. She called 911 and when all was said and done, she’d had a small stroke. Months later she would have 2 more mini strokes. This caught her completely off guard, because as you know, she’s MOMMY and had been taking her invincible pills since her first born, so naturally she could do it all AND live forever. She became afraid! Afraid to live, afraid to die. She prayed and cried and in a desperate attempt to find peace, she told God, “Now, I’m sure heaven is this great place, but I promise you , I’ll be the only unhappy person there if I’m taken away from my babies.” Uncertain of whether he heard or would even care if she was unhappy, the peace she looked for escaped her. The fear still loomed over her day and night. It tortured her mind, body and spirit.

Determined to change her lifestyle, she concentrated on healing her body. and slowly she began to feel much better physically. She rested and trusted that the healing process would be over soon. She took the time to meditate, be still and quiet so that she could really heal and visualize what type of life she wanted for herself and her family. During the process, she discovered a voice was there AND recovered a voice that she’d compromised for years. With her physical healing almost done, her mental health started to become a monster that required very little, yet somehow became more powerful even though she was doing less and less.

She stopped cooking, going to the grocery store, combing her hair, and mentally couldn’t think enough to fill out an application for work, so she sat there feeling alone, judged, unsupported, not enough. Occasionally she would have a great day and go out with friends and on those days, she was truly happy but inside felt no joy. So she sat for days, weeks, months and years. Her children gather to talk of a plan to get her better, but each time they approached her, she would say “ I’m mommy, I’m OK”. You see, the invincible pill was still at work in spite of the obvious.

As life would have it, the less you do, sometimes the more you lose. She lost her home, her car, and finally almost everything that she’d worked for prior to her stroke. Realizing that she was losing everything but still felt way to paralyzed to do anything about it, she realized that her children were right, something was wrong and she needed help.

One day as she sat, she began to cry and ask God to heal her mind. She said this at least 100 times, for you see, now she knew that something was in fact wrong and she didn’t know how to work it out. The next day she awaken to a clear mind filled with excitement of possibilities, of hope that those past 3 years were a growth spurt and that life would change and that her best years were yet to come. She started going to counseling, her children bought her a car, gave her a place to live and life began again.

Over the years, the narrative that she kept replaying in her mind wasn’t true. It felt so real, but twas not true. She was indeed beautiful, strong, courageous, centered, loved, powerful, sexy, worthy, enough, evolving, productive, ambitious, mindful and so much more. She learned the priority in which she would live her life forever, she would take care of her mental & physical health, ask for help without shame, she learned that you can’t always opt out of hurt but it’s OK and you’ll live, life can’t be controlled, accept the people that leave with an open heart and love, and that love itself really is a healer of the soul.

So she created a Tee as a reminder to herself and all the moms and women out there that the narrative in our heads should be one of encouragement and to give power to who we truly are. I.M. Enough… I.M. Loved, I.M. Mindful, I.M. Beautiful… I.M. Powerful… I.M. Successful… I.M. Supportive… I.M. Focused…and so much more and thus began the day that changed her life forever.

She vowed to change the world of motherhood, to give support, love, education, and empowerment to ALL moms globally… and I will live happily ever after.

to be continued…


This is dedicated to the absolute loves of my life, I couldn’t have made it without you .. Victoria, Lauren, Kathryn , Justin and Aaron…

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