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Stay comfy or climb


My feelz today, stay comfy or climb!

Make your own interpretation, If you're comfy, where to next!

There's this weird comfy zone place that I have where ideas and plans come together perfectly in my head, but fear and self doubt steps in and everything stops. I don't recognize the voice, it doesn't sound like me. I'm loud and laughing most of the time, it's subtle with a hint of sarcastic cynicism. I plan, it tells me that it may not work, I speak, it says no one will listen, I'm confident it says people will see you as arrogant, I move past my struggles, it says keep them around, I say I belong to the world and the world belongs to me, it whispers, it's comfy here. 

While stillness and comfy has it place at times, when your comfy place keeps you there, trapped in fear, anxiety or depression, it's not a cool place to be. When you know there's more for yourself but you don't quite know how to push past who you are to get there, ask for help. There's no shame is asking for or needing help. Some people have the ability to go, do and be as they zig zag through these comfy zones, but others may need help. Whether it's spiritual or professional, it's ok. You're not alone. Many of moms have gone through these feelings and literally rose out of the ashes to be some of the most inspiring women in the world. 

How do you get through them and climb out of this comfy zone? 

I get through them by all three and then some. If my throat chakra doesn't allow me to ask for help from friends, I go professional and seek a therapist, but that's usually after I realize that I can't do it on my own and my world has damn near fell apart. (personality flaw, I'm learning...I don't suggest that at all lol, not a good place)  Seek spirituality, pray meditate, read materials that encourage, invigorate and stimulate your thought process. ASK for help from family and friends that you love and trust. I've been incredibly blessed with the love of family and friends. If none of these suits you, then know that it may take time, don't judge yoruself to harshly, don't listen to the nutty chcik in your head and yes, yes it will be ok.  

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