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Happy New Year

At any given point and time you can start a new year. I say this because I'm always starting my year at whatever point I choose. This year instead of starting my lifestyle change on New Year's day, I decided that I would eat, work, chill, keep my craziness for one more day and start on the 2nd. So when does real change begin? The 1st, the 2nd, the 21st of May?

Real change happens when people begin to alter their outlook on the way things are going, when their current view point no longer fits in with the outcome that they desire. For me this year is going to be about reclaiming time, restoring my life to the vision that I have, receiving my blessings, with the intention for the year being set on Meeeeeeee! It's not selfish really, the core of my heart is to love and give, so as I give to myself, love myself, it will make room to do more of that for my kids, and those I know and will come in contact with this year. 

As a single mom, I've concentrated on providing, not a bad thing at all, but it became such a focus, that all there was to life was providing, working and figuring out the next way to pay a bill, plan for the future, pay rent, keep transportation, put kids through college, go to college, keep utilities on, purchase food, AND try to live my purpose in the midst of it all. All this so much so that I neglected myself, my heart, my kids, my dreams and others.

I've worked on The Innovative Mom over the last year, I've learned a lot from people I've interviewed, articles I've read, advice I've been given and have given, time spent alone and I've come to the conclusion that unless I stop and take the time to restore, refill, refresh Elena, then even if others benefit from the watered down version, it still leaves me in a drought. So this year I'm refilling my cup with so much that the overflow will be endless. 

Look at your life and find ways to refill, restore, reclaim your time this year. Your quality of life is important! Much love, joy, blessings and FUN to you this upcoming year!

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