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Living Life ReFRESHED

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As I sit here with the threat of a Tropical Storm, strong winds, rain, electricity outages, I realized during this downtime that I've been turned on for months. I work non stop building a business, studying real estate, working 2 part time jobs, being mom, and believe it or not, requesting information to enter back in school to complete my degree. As a single mom, providing is a huge part of life. Every decision is your own and may or may not have a profound affect on you and your kids. As I post different positive messages for my Instagram, hoping that a mom will take a look and be inspired, I saw one that merely said "Passion led me here". What a passion a mom has for her child, for being the best that they can be in all areas. Before I posted it (which I never did by the way) I asked myself, if passion led me here, then why am I exhausted, worried, angry at times, struggling at other times? What is it about passion that led me to where I am and was it really thinking about what was best for me?

Here I am, The I.M. shouting to the rooftops for moms to bring it down a notch and take care of themselves, follow their passions, yet I'm absolutely doing the most and then some. There are times when we are conscious of being present, taking care of ourselves, being intentional, being joyful and then there are time when we need a reminder because we've allowed life in all of it's challenges to become part of our day to day.

This takes me back to last year, when I was once again full in with tons of To Do's and not enough Just Not's. Over the past year, life challenges have hit me literally like a tropical storm and each time, I try to go back and remember the things I've learned. Last year, I had the honor of attending Re:FRESH. Like a cool drink on the hottest of days, this was truly refreshing, it was deeper than a retreat, more than just a group of women getting together. This was two women Helen and Trina who thought about the challenges of life, women, moms, and came together to offer a solution that if learned would be a great way to live life, and if forgotten would stick with you forever as a reminder.

Healthy selfish, being intentional, having joy these were my takeaways! They came with peace, joy, fulfillment, hope and answers. We were asked to choose a word. My word was transformed. As I sat there I Googled the word. It meant to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of. I can honestly say that it couldn't have been more true. I was reminded of living this life with intention and joy! Even on today, threatened with rain, winds, outages, lack, I can sit here on my sofa, with the door open after going intensely for months, being reminded of the things that are permanently etched in my soul as a reminder that I learned from Re:FRESH.  My healthy selfish, my alignment, my intention, my joy! 

There were questions asked while we were there and I feel compelled to share this one. 

What was my intention for being at Re:FRESH? (My answer) To transform my mind, so that I can transform my life, to heal, to become, to accept, to live, to let go. Each reason had and still has a profound affect on how I live out my days and serve as magnificent gentle reminders of how I do life.  

There will be many more Re:FRESH gatherings in the future, helping moms and women and I'm sure that each person will leave with their own word, their own intention and their own goals of joy. I am and will be always grateful for being extended an invitation to experience the deeper side of a retreat.  Learn more about Re:Fresh @  Much Love to Helen Mitchell and Trina Lewis for your warm, embracing, truthful spirits! 



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