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When Energy Meets Simplicity

There will always be a pull, a tug, a request asking for a moms touch. When my children were younger, I was all in. I was mommy to the 100th degree, friend, volunteer, house mom, and just about anything else you can name that comes along with motherhood, with little or no thought of self.  I stressed myself over lessons I couldn't afford, teachings I thought they would miss out on (thus created mommy school in addition to "school") extracurriculars I didn't have time for and so much more.  While I realized years later that my quest to make them ready for "the world" had become quite time consuming and created more stress for myself, that was when I realized that my energy needed to meet simplicity. As I began my own quest for purpose, I realized that my intent to get them ready for this "world" was because of the world I'd created and wanted them to have, giving thought but not enough thought to the people they were created to be versus who I wanted them to be. Visualization is great, wanting an incredible life for your kids is great, teaching them basics, fundamentals and more is even better, but ultimately they have a path to walk, they will make choices that we agree and don't agree with and it will keep them on a path that is uniquely their own either way. I learned that  acceptance of who they were was key to unconditional love and that was what they gave me. In all my faults, in my intensity as a parent, they loved and accepted me, continuously loving me unconditionally. Who could ask for more? As I watched and continue to watch all five of them grow, I think back to the prayer I prayed when I realized I was being a little extra, it gave me time to dig deeper into my purpose, and it helped me guide them along the way...

 "Help me guide them on the path that you've created for their lives, let me not be part of the distraction based on my agenda that will deviate them from their true purpose. Help me to be an example of what can be so that they know that all things are possible." 

I.M. Energetically Simple

Much Love