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Walking in My Own Shoes

They say you don't know what the other person has gone through until you've walked in their shoes and even then, you may empathize a bit more, however, every experience is uniquely different for each person.  In defining our path, our purpose, our passion, our goals, we all have different motivations, events that have happened in our lives that shape the very road and path we travel each day.  My path came after I became a single mom of 5 after 21 years of marriage. I had to reestablish who I was, what I valued, what I believed in, set goals, refine skills, seek support and ultimately seek out what true success meant to me. The path that I'd traveled for the past 20 years was different from my friends, my new path was also different. For years I valued my responsibility to provide for my family over most things in my life including my health. I'd been in difficult situations before, living in a hotel for a couple of years and my deep desire to change my life and provide for my kids turned out to be an intense work ethic only surpassed by Superman himself. lol  I worked 96 hours, 7 days a week, I was in school full time, I was mommy full time all while trying to keep up with the illusion that my life was the same. It was so different now. It was one of me, battling this out, trying to create a norm that didn't exist. So I reinvented MY norm to fit my life, my family, myself. It took a while, and I'm still tweaking it but enjoying the process. I hope the fundamentals that I share from what I've learned will help you move forward in light, confidence, love, and energy that catapults you to becoming at peace and content without being complacent and living the life you truly are excited and happy to live. Although our issues are present and different from the next chick, here are some tips to help you live life to its fullest each day, move forward and continue to grow.

  • Study yourself. Take time to find out who you truly are underneath the superwoman cape and clothing. I found out that I was vulnerable. From there I allowed myself to dive deeper into what I liked, disliked, valued and truly wanted out of life.   I.M. Vulnerable I.M. Strong
  • Get outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do the things that give you angst. I'm a wanderer/gypsy/nomad type of chick. I love exploring, going to places that I've never been. I can strike up a convo with anyone at any time, however, I found that I wasn't confident in my knowledge of the things I knew because I was afraid of rejection. From there, I begin to speak, write and accept feedback, good, bad and ugly.     I.M. Confident
  • Read, Experience, Learn, and Implement. It's not enough just to read, experience, and learn, you must implement or you stand still. Seek out your interest and attend events that encourage you in your path. I learned that I gathered a lot of info, books, magazines, but didn't quite implement them, so now, it's part of my daily routine to Implement.  I.M. Action
  • Seek Support. For as much as I'm an extrovert, I'm just as much an introvert. I learned that I needed the support of others, and I have to ask for it. I found uplifting positive women's groups to associate myself with. I attended events and made valuable long lasting friends.    I.M. Me

By no means is this the end all and be all, but it's a start and as the sharing continues, I welcome your feedback (I've grown :) in the comments below. 

With Love and acceptance of you being you... The Innovative Mom