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The year I spent with my daughter

As a single mom of 5 (yes I said it again, but this is for those who haven't read my bio so please forgive me) there are times when not all of your children will receive equal amounts of attention. Dare I say, some just may fall by the wayside. Well after being married and a working mom for 21 years giving undivided attention to all 5, it was different when I became the provider. For me being a provider meant that I not only had to fund day to day necessities but still be a mom, keep their hopes and dreams in tact as well as mine. I hit the ground running, I worked 7 days a week and countless hours to make sure that all things were pretty groovy on the forefront. In the midst of all that grooviness, my 5 were functioning like a unified wife. They all had their responsibilities within the household, with no complaints. As time went on, I realized the relationship changed between me and a couple of my children. Fast forward, I thought I was invincible, continued to work crazy hours, and shattered a disc in my back leaving me out of work for 1 1/2 years. Prior to that I'd wanted to stop and spend time renewing my relationship with my daughter, but felt as if I couldn't stop. This (back surgery) did stop me, dead in my tracks, leaving me at one point having to be bathed and moved about by my children. It was during this time my daughter was being homeschooled and it was just the two of us in the house ALL day long. :) This was her last year at home before college and I so wanted to restore our relationship prior to her leaving. I needed her to know that once she left the house to embark on this world, that I, Mommy, was her ride or die, unstoppable in loving her unconditionally no matter how weird our relationship had gotten. Soooo as life would have it, this time was spent renewing the relationship. What once was ... we didn't want to be bothered with one another, turned into days of crying, apologizing (on my part as a parent as well), healing, then laughter and trust. This was our time. This was what I'd desired and maybe her as well. Yes you would think that being unemployed for a year and a half with no viable income, pain day in and day out, not being able to walk at times was a tragedy LOL but honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now she's nearly finished college and we talk or text everyday. It's not necessarily the circumstance all the time that we should focus on, but the greatness that comes out of it. Your situation may or may not be like mine, however know that if you are estranged or in the same house and your interactions are a bit funky, I want to send you love and encouragement that ALL things are possible. Here's a song from her playlist that I love by James Blake/ English songwriter/producer. .. i.M. Mommy