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Be Intentional In Loving Yourself

Be intentional in loving yourself. Your body, your dreams, your desires, your thoughts. Motherhood is a lifestyle, one that we love but can be left out of. Not intentionally, it's because we love that we may forget about ourselves at times. :) We do it daily like dressing, makeup or eating. So as we care for our little and big ones whom we love so dearly, let's take time out to nurture ourselves as well. My kids will take care of me when I don't take care of myself. They take the time to bring me tea if I'm working and will say to me "mommy you're working too much", they send me text to say 'GO TO BED IT'S 3a.m." knowing that I'm up doing something and not allowing my body to rest (what I really want to know is why are they up so late lol) By nature, I can be a workaholic and somewhat high intense, but it's in those moments, when they care for me I realize that I need to take care of self. I want to live, enjoy, chase and accomplish dreams and goals, stop the car and dance, hang out with my friends, explore, be silly(that's kinda my life anyway but sillier) be idle, travel, stop and smell the Cinnabons, Doughnuts and Cupcakes (not roses lol). So this week as I advise you guys, be intentional and set that space and time to be with self. There are so many ways to do this, it's just finding what helps you. Here's some Innovative Ideas:

Get outside your 10-mile radius.... explore your city, town or state ... (this can be done while the kids are in school) 
Find a language that you'd like to learn, go to and go for it or
Download a language app like HelloTalk and find a tutor
Get online and learn about different cultures
Take a class...educational or otherwise
Have fun, laugh, enjoy! 

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