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Stick with me and we will travel the world

I have to admit, there are days when words escape me. I've read a million (not really) articles on writers block. When I realize I left my job to pursue a blog full time, it seems like some crazy way of trying to be free, creating something out of nothing. When I see my savings begin to run out my brain is on overload trying to figure out the next move. My motto was always "if I can work, I can take care of my kids," not if I'm an entrepreneur and there's no steady paycheck I can take care of my kids. Starting this blog was out of my love for motherhood, both married and single moms alike. It was to encourage and uplift moms, because we are usually the cheerleaders of the world. We give and give and although giving is wonderful, I wanted to create a place for moms to come and feel loved, get advice, share their challenges and triumphs and to leave this site, an event, an outside 10 feeling empowered to invest in self and know that it's ok to have a healthy selfish. I admit again, there are days when words escape me, but I have this insane desire to make sure that we as moms know that we have purpose designed specifically for us. Whether your purpose is to be a mom full time, work outside the home, or create businesses around the world, there are incredibly creative ways to handle it all. Places to go, things to see, life to live. Thus leading me to this,  should I stop and go back to a "job" , should I work at a temp agency, should I sell flip flops on the side of the road(lol), or should I dig my heels in deeper, know my vision and dream and make this work. Today I chose the latter. My dream, my vision as it was given to me was never going to be easy, but definitely worth it. Stick with me as I nomad my way through blogging, interviews and exploration and I promise that you will travel the world finding women who share your stories and we will all uplift and encourage one another! Until the next blog... I.M. DETERMINED I.M. ENCOURAGED I.M. FEARLESS

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