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When I first started this blog, I wondered if I had what it took to talk about life. I sometimes write as if I'm in a conversation with you one on one,  my grammar may be a little off at times and I wondered if it would be acceptable until I "for real" became a writer. I wanted it to be inspiring but not heavy. I wanted to relate to moms, feel what they felt based on my personal experience AND the talks I've had with so many moms over the course of 15 to 20 years. I wanted it to be encouraging, spread hope on so many levels YET still strongly send the message that laughter, fun, exploration, adventure was around every corner. (it really is) I've talked to many moms over the years from all different walks of life from homeless to wealthy, different parts of the world, most moms in between and I know that we share a common bond. We often place ourselves on hold to care for others. While that is a noble trait and by no means would I suggest abandoning your family, leave the kids with a nanny and Eat, Pray, Love your life  but... I would suggest you dig in deep and find the things that you enjoy, things you'd like to accomplish, things that inspire you, places you'd like to see both local and abroad, and keep them in the front of your mind to draw on when you're feeling a bit funky. For me, The Innovative Mom, Outside 10 and extensive travel, will stay in the forefront of my mind. Traveling the world with my kids, exposing them to different cultures, learning about the life of others has always been a dream of mine, so even when we lived in a hotel for a couple of years, didn't have a place to live sometimes, all of the struggles that were met, I kept this as a possible, not an impossible. As I share with you today, I'm living part of a dream that I've had for years and I'm honored and very grateful to be able to speak with women, let them share their stories of challenges, innovation, inspiration and triumph so that others can be encouraged to enjoy moments, enjoy life, and give back to other moms.

I.M. Grateful