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The Grace to Rise Again!

In Greek Mythology, a phoenix is a bird that rises out of the ashes and lives again and again. Just like life, we are faced with challenges, hurts, pressures that will seemingly devastate us, making us think that we've crashed and burned. In my life I've faced many challenges, hurts and was under extreme pressure. Whether it was living in a hotel, standing in the line at the food bank, death of a parent, divorce or love lost, I never really acknowledged the "real feel."  I always told myself that "I had to take care of my family, there was no time to feel."  In doing so, I really was satisfied with my response and was happy. This year, 2016, I was challenged to choose a word for the year, not once, but twice on two different occasions. The words I chose were TRUTH and TRANSFORMED. I studied the word transformed and it literally means to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of. At the time, I thought it would be simple to say that I was going to own my truths, whatever that meant, however a series of events in my life showed me that I would be transformed BY my truths. Over the past several weeks, I've had challenges, some have placed me on pause and I've felt as if I should just be still and feel. I decided that the truth was that I was hurt, I was sad, I was angry and I was....yes HUMAN!!! This was a new feel for me so I bucked the system and tried desperately to not feel, but because I needed to, I did. I took the hurt, sadness and anger and I shed a couple of tears.(not a huge crier) The lump in my throat and chest remained and I didn't immediately JOY it away. I realized that I could feel and not crash and burn but rise again and be just as joyful as I was before. I looked back and realized that with each hurt, pressure, challenge, I was granted grace to rise again and again. To my Innovative Moms, feel what you feel when you feel it, knowing that you will be granted grace to rise....again and again! 

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