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Delaying the Inevitable

"This I know for sure".... I know we've all heard Oprah say this. For the longest time, I wondered, well how can she know for sure? What I've since learned is that what I know for sure is from my own personal  experiences and processes of growth.  So I say today that: I know for sure, resistance requires effort (a lot of it, mind you) and surrender requires strength (still..a lot of it). To let go of ideals, loves, children, marriages, jobs, and understand that whatever is happening is part of YOUR process in life, takes STRENGTH! In my life I've been resistant to change, resistant to letting go, only to find that the inevitable happens anyway. Change will come, people will come and go and I would have stood still as it happened around me. Surrendering isn't something bad, it's allowing the flow of your life and others to happen. Today I just want to simply encourage my Innovative Moms to be open to surrender, be open to letting go, be open to change. It may indeed hurt at some point, but it's part of the process. Lovingly I say to you as well, the process is uncomfortable but so well worth it.  Embrace the process with open arms, a heart of love, knowing that you are cared enough about not to be left the same, but to grow, flourish and live the purposed life ahead of you.   xoxoxo Elena

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