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Unconditional Love

Inspiration comes in many different forms. For me it came from my mom, my dad, siblings, every person that I've ever met and MOST of all my 5 children. If you've never known what unconditional love means look at yourself with your kids and your kids with you. My children loved me even when I would take the seats out of the van, lay their blankets down for them to sleep while we waited in the parking lot for dad to get off work at 1:00 because we had nowhere to stay. They loved me when my insides were in turmoil because we lived in a hotel and my effort to make it fun was lobby popcorn and cartoons. (They were happy) They've loved me although our home on the inside was sometimes a hostile place, but on the outside it looked serene. They loved me through my days of working 96 hours, 7 days a week and still engaged me in my attempt for family time on Friday nights before work. They loved me even when they may say "I hate you, I hate this family." and I would say "I love you" because I knew that life for them was tough. They loved me when things got better but never forgot where we came from. I trust them, I admire them, I love them unconditionally as do they me. As I see them grow, have compassion and empathy for others, I know life could have been different, but I do know that things happen for a reason, whether we caused it or it was allowed, unconditional love has it's place within the circumstance. It makes regret non existent and understanding a given.