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Happy Mother's Day Momma

With grace and dignity my mother help lead our family. Quiet, determined, STRONG, graceful, feminine,resourceful, innovative, this was who she was. Day in and day out, loving 1 husband, raising 5 children, and being a support to 15 grandchildren and countless friends. As a child, I can remember being the only one left at home with my mom after my siblings would go to school. My mom would leave the room and when she returned I would want to look and make sure she was still "my real mom", somehow I felt as if when she was out of my sight, she would change and my "real" mom would be replaced. Each time she came back though, she was still the real thing. Much like now, no matter how much life has changed with her, no matter how much personal growth she's done, she's still my mom, still the same. She still tells me to rely on God, she still says to me when I'm going through and I say "someone has it worse so I shouldn't complain" to that she will always reply, "true, but what you're going through is real to you", giving me permission to feel.  I've asked her more than once, "what is it that you want out of life, what were your goals and dreams. She would answer and say "I've always wanted to have a family, and be a mom."  She loved my dad, showing me what true unconditional love looks and feels like. I'm a much better mom, single mom, wife, ex wife, friend, sister, aunt because of her. She's the "Original" Innovative Mom and I'm honored, proud, humbled to be called her daughter.