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Finding My Creative Space : Farmtable Fresh, Wilbur and Rudy's


It can be extremely challenging to find time to foster creativity. My brain will sometimes get stuck on duh! :) I'm a wanderer at heart so I purposefully set out to change my atmosphere to tap in to my creative side. I never wake up and say "there's nowhere to go today." That's where my adventure begins. Cafe's, grocery stores, parks, museums, mom and pop stores, restaurants you name it and I will stop. As I was exploring one day, I came across a town called Milton. It's outside 10 for me so of course I'm going to explore as much of it as I can. It's quaint, borderline Mayberry type atmosphere. I happened upon Wilbur and Rudy's Cafe. Surprisingly I was hanging out with my ex at the time..(co parenting...a blog for another time), he usually just goes along with my antics without much resistance as I drag him places. Wilbur and Rudy's literally sits at a four way stop, red barn type structure, and a front porch to die for! They feature local home grown foods, entrepreneurs, and one of the friendliest atmospheres I've been to. They have seasonal festivals with a hog roast (yummy), activities for the kids, and on Friday nights, wine tasting and live music. This is a place where not only can I find my creative space when I'm alone exploring, but I can also bring your family back as well to enjoy.  Here I found my spot, a sofa that wasn't mine and filled with things for me to do. I could sit, ponder, filter, rest, be creative and have my coffee too. Life is clearly about the moments..not all have to be filled with busyness, sometimes it's nice to just find a place outside your 10 and rest, relax and enjoy!