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Positive Thinking + Being Nice To Others

Day after day as I dropped my kids off in car rider line, I would say to them, "Think Positive and do something nice for someone else today." There were days when I followed up with them upon pick up and was given the answer, "ummmm I forgot," but there were many days when the answer was "I opened the door for my teacher" or "I shared my snack." As women, there is a myth that we can't get along. I would often pride myself in using the phrase "most of my friends are guys because women tend to ignite drama." Just a side note, men have man feels (emotions) too. As women/moms, when faced with difficulty, we sometimes opt strength over emotions. Our emotions are just as important as our strength. The love and acceptance of a friend can change the "feels" we have from negative to positive with a simple phone call, text, or visit. My strength and survival meant a great deal to me. It was important for me to be strong for my family while being in turmoil on the inside. As I was going through one of my most difficult times, I would receive small cards from my dear friend Ellie. These cards would change my negative to positive, some days before I ever read the content. Did she have to do it, no...but she did. We can love, be supportive , be kind and thoughtful of one another without the "drama." I've experienced it, I've given it and I've seen groups lead by wonderful women do it. Soooooo. Think Positive and Do Something Nice for Someone!