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Being Authentic

Authentication: Not copied or fake, genuine, real. In real talk....Keepin it 100! In this ever changing quest to become the person we are supposed to be, we often look left, right and glean from others what we "feel" we should be. Whether it's looks, personality, house, car, parenting skills, or careers, we tend to put together pieces from many different puzzles only to get one that's complete but an absolute mess. 

Being a hybrid works well for foods, flowers, and even cars, women......not so much.

The internal turmoil that comes from being this hybrid can only be calmed if you are your authentic self. As generic as it sounds, get to know yourself, love yourself and change the things that need to be changed in you, for you, by you. I've spent countless hours wondering if I should be like other women when it came to parenting, being a wife, lover or just my plain ole self, only to realize that "I" was fine., fine...yes and with some self analyzing, realize that the changes that needed to be made were for me to become my authentic self. The freedom that comes from authentication is priceless!  I.M. Authentic!