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This one is just for Kicks!! Things I did with my kids

Yep I'm the parent that:

Let them stay up all night just cause... not realizing they would become insomniacs but functional LOL ...we're working on that

Woke them up to ride out with me at 2 a.m. just cause I couldn't sleep

Stopped at the stop sign and got out and danced

Let them wear their horse head through the drive through and order food

Had midnight birthday parties for over 20 years even on school nights and still made them go to school the next day knowing they'd had about 2 hours sleep

Put them out of the car when they were acting nuts and actually drove off... with a smirk on my face but deep down knowing they really could probably take care of themselves LOL 

Slammed on my brakes for that "I meant what I said" effect

Spontaneously had 24 hour vacations to the beach...(meaning we drove to the beach, never got a hotel, shared plates, had fun and came back home within 24 hours) 

Took them to the lake to do their homework because they did their homework, I relaxed and then we all had fun

Got a hookah from my kids for mother's day and it was pretty cool

Learned dance routines to videos and I just knew I killed it until I saw the actual video of me dancing! 

Let them tell me what they thought about me... to my face and then slightly got offended but knowing I needed to learn and grow, the mere fact that I was a parent didn't necessarily make me right all the time.

Drove down the darkest country road with them in the car with the lights off just to scare them but really scared myself but couldn't show it! 

Started the sex talk off with "I'm gonna give you the real version and the street version " just so you know both sides when you hear it from your friends".

Hats off to my kids that endured my parental experimentation, love, spontaneity, my unknowing and still came out flawed but great and knew that although I was fun mommy, I was MOMMY! As parents, sometimes we can take life really serious, but it's OK to parent and have fun just for kicks! Life is short, love hard, live enjoyably, and play! I.M. Mommy