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Princess Mom To The Rescue!! A love letter to My Women Groups!

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A long time ago in a land far away there lived....A mom who was overwhelmed and had no where to turn for none judgmental understanding, love and support! She lived her days helping her children whom she adores, her husband, her friends, her community and on the outside, my gosh she was darn near perfect. On the inside however was a deep dark secret...she felt alone, a little scared and uncertain at times! No one could possibly understand the things she was going through so she became somewhat functionally depressed raising her family, loving her children, loving her friends but herself hmmmm....not so much. She began to drown deeper but still functioned as her kids grew older, she ran, laughed, played, went to church occasionally, volunteered, drove everywhere, worked, listen to friends, but still felt very much alone in her unresolved hurt and fears.  Fear of parenting, fear of hurt, fear of growing older, fear of being single all issues in desperate need of support and unconditional love.  One day she met a Princess Mom at Lacrosse who said "hey you're pretty cool, you should come to my house for lunch," the mom said "yes of course I'll come." She met for lunch, but it was several Princesses there. We...I mean they laughed, studied the bible, and the mom was able to share and realized that she was human and wasn't alone and that most if not all Princess Moms go through things but .... need support and unconditional love from other moms who can offer advice, listening ear, lunch, or encouragement. After many years of meetings, birthday parties, gatherings, and with the encouragement of The Princess Mom and her trusted Friend Princess K, she began to blossom and realize that the things she's gone through were divine, even if they were difficult and would be used to help other Princess Moms one day. She began a journey, yes, over the hills, to the lake, to yoga, to meditation to search for self. She was able to truly find and unconditionally love herself, the process and experiences life brought. Well to make a long story short, she found wonderful groups of Princess Moms all over and connected with them...and she lived very balanced ever after! The End!

So to all my Innovative Moms, its ok! Find or create a loving group of women who will love one other truthfully and unconditionally without judgement and can offer support. I.M. Loving, I.M Powerful, I.M. Encouraging, I.M. Healed!! With much love to Lisa, Kristina, GF's, Refresh, and S.H.E all groups of Princess Moms who thrive!