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10 Innovative Ways To Broaden Your Mind Until You Can Travel The World!


When you look around what do you see? Is it the same thing that you see every day? Are you visiting the websites you always visit, looking at the same Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter feed, choosing the same clothes, speaking the same language, listening to the same music, eating the same food...I could go on.

I've always considered myself different because I loved change, different cultures, different people and things. I actually thought that there was something wrong with me, but as I found out, I'm pretty cool and I'm just fine with me in my exploratory state of mind. My motto was/is, I will try anything once as long as it doesn't kill me, and if it does, well I wouldn't know. Maybe not the best motto but it has afforded me a wide range of great experiences and I'm still here to tell the stories. Here are 10 things that I do consistently to broaden my mindset and enhance my life, my children's lives, and those around me. If traveling the world is a goal (not an impossibility) this is a great alternative for now so, choose one or more, if not all and BROADEN!

o   Take time for self… Yes, we've all said it before. You will see this a million more times I'm sure. By taking time for yourself you will get to know you and find out the things you're interested in.

o   Watch a foreign film with subtitles…This is one of my favorites. I watch films from all over the world with subtitles. It took me a while to read and enjoy the visuals but I've mastered it now and I'm watching films literally from all over the world. 

o   Learn a different language...There are many apps that you may download that will assist you. Check them out and see what works best for you. My favorite is Translator by Microsoft. There are free courses online as well @

o   Check out a list of all the countries and study them one by one…Look at the cultures and learn as much as you can. Even if you're unable to travel there now, mentally you are engaged and it becomes a visual that is now a possibility. 

o   Explore your city and surrounding cities… Not places and things that are comfortable and close to you, go out of your way to visit museums, cafes, mom and pop stores, book stores, historic areas, fine restaurants (go with a  budget in mind, of course, take a friend and share a meal)  

o   Smile and speak to others often… It's amazing what stories are told when we take the time to smile and speak.

o   Listen to different music! Music is universal… This is my favorite. I love music, it evokes such wonderful emotions. There are days when I listen to music from all different countries. Whether it's Bollywood, Asian, German, Latino, Classical, Country, once I find it, it's in my soul and becomes a part of my internal playlist. 

o   Try different authentic foods. By 'different' I don't mean eat chocolate rice crispies instead of the plain ones (though it is fun to change your routine in smaller ways). I'm saying try Morrocan, Latino, Asian (not just Chinese Food from Panda Express), Somalian, European, Mediterranean, Egyptian, Indian,  or Native American food--and the list goes on. Seek out the places in your area and try them. Take your kids, spouse, or a friend and make it even more enjoyable.

o   Read a wide variety of books and magazines… Tech, Investment, International, Fashion, Architecture, Psychology, to name a few. One of my favorite magazines is Architecture Digest and Harvard Business Review. I have no intention of becoming an architect or working on Wall Street, but I want to know about it so I read. 

o   I can't emphasize this enough...TRY NEW THINGS… Bachata, Hip Hop, Pole Dancing, Canoeing, Bungie Jumping, Racing, Hookah, whatever you would give a second thought to, do it. If no harm will come of it, try it. Relax, enjoy, have fun, touch, feel, do and be present in whatever moment you create.



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