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A Brief History



A Brief History

The Innovative Mom was borne out of my experience as a Mother, wife, single mom, teacher, employee, financier, real estate agent, chef, mechanic, handy chick, friend, lover, driver, physician (or maybe his assistant) and so many more hats that were worn. It is borne out of being homeless, exhausted, sad and lonely but knowing deep within that I was The Innovative Mom and dreaming, planning and execution were the only option. It was borne out of such a deep and endearing love for my children that I needed to survive and continue to give hope to them by maintaining hope within myself. When tired = motivated, sleepy = alert, lonely = love, exhaustion = creativity, 24 hours = time.....this was when I realized I.M. strong, dare I say powerful, I.M. kind, I.M. gentle, I.M. loving, I.M. creative, I.M. Innovative! This is my platform to help mothers become the women that they dream of during car rider line, grocery store trips, late nights and early mornings! We are Innovators! We are .. The Innovative Mom!


Elena Taylor,

CEO and Founder of The Innovative Mom

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Elena is a happy single mom of five children with a love and advocacy for moms and family. During her career of over 20 years in Healthcare, her volunteer work included teaching Survival Skills for Women, creating and managing a clothing and career programs for moms, teaching parenting classes for United Way and serving on the Board of Directors for GA Legal Services for 8 years. She's relentless in her pursuit to unify moms globally so that the world can see how much we have in common as humans while we enjoy our cultural differences. Her vision is to engage moms to enhance their views of being "just a mom" by opening up doors of opportunities worldwide that increases their exposure, peaks their interest and encourage action to seek out the life they'd like during all stages of motherhood. 
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