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At The Innovative Mom, we believe that although worldwide we are culturally different, as moms our hearts and desires for our family are alike.  The Innovative Mom provides global Resources, Understanding, Encouragement, Love and FUN that will  help moms revitalize their own purposeful hopes, dreams and goals while enjoying the everyday life of being a mom.
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If you could imagine your life exactly the way you'd like it, how would you live it each day?
What would your physical, mental, spiritual health be?
What would your relationship with your spouse, partner and kids be like?
What career would you have?
Would you be an entrepreneur?
What would you try, just for fun?
Would you go back to school?
Who would you help and why?
What would your environment be like? Positive, uplifting, authentic?
Who are you and what who would you be? 
There are so many ways to define who we are as people, but what I've found is to dig deep, nix the outside noise and just be me. Find my loves and likes, know my dislikes, set my priorities by my own standards and what's important in my life, be home grown with no additives... be organically me! Mind mapping helps cut through the BS and get your mind moving and thinking about how you want to live your life on this earth and how you can implement your hopes, goals and dreams into your daily life. Are you ready?
Paper, Pen, (or computer) Action! 
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I've been asked more than once what made me start thinking of self care, self love, accomplishing my dreams and desires. I have to say that it was my kids. They'd seen me sacrifice for years, working,  taking them back and forth, going to school, dealing with so many other things that they said to me "mommy, we are ok, we are here to help you, what is it that you want to do?" This prompted me to stop and take a look at what I really wanted to do in life. What were my own goals and dreams? This was a pivotal time for me, however it catapulted me to a level of not EITHER OR but AND! It wasn't whether I was going to be a mom OR live my hopes and dreams, it became, I will be fully mom AND live my hopes and dreams. What are your hopes and dreams? No matter your choice, there is a beam, a light, a space, that we have available to us as moms to be, to do both! See the beauty in everything and enjoy! 

Fill your cup and give to others out of your overflow
— lisa washington
  • Take time out to deeply search what it is you really want in life
  • Prioritize what's important to you 
  • Don't compare yourself with others
  • Define your own success
  • Realize that you have your own unique normal


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