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When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
― Maya Angelou

It all started person decided to help someone else.

I know as moms we are thinking WHAT TIME DO I HAVE TO GIVE! My great grandmother used to say "first at home, then abroad" what she meant was give to self, family first then go out and help others. While some may not agree with the concept, I tend to think that if you're not taking care of self first or family second then there's this little thing called burnout resentment along that comes in to play. In order for us to give freely to others we must take care of ourselves.  

This page is for the others in our lives no matter where they are in this world!  We will give freely, get involved, be a part of change, all with the love that we have to give out of our overflow!  Here you will find a place of opportunities to give back and make a change in other peoples lives. It's not necessary to conquer the world at this point, but it is necessary to extend love and kindness to others. We are all part of the energy of love and change that 's here on this earth and beyond.