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Why I Love My Body

Oh my gosh! Dang, here's another something telling me to love my body. The lumps, the rolls, the bags under my eyes, the leaky bladder, the corns on me toes..REALLY! Yep that is what I used to think every time I read an article. One thing I've figured out is that somethings can be changed, while I'm working on them, I will love and accept them anyway, and for the things that can't change, I embrace and love on them as well! You can make your own list, but here's a couple of my own:

I love my body because:

It fought enough to survive an attempted suicide at 17

It allowed me to see all five babies born and watch them grow up to become extraordinary people

It carried and gave BIRTH to all five

It has fought a rare kidney disease and stayed in remission for almost 2 years now

It helped me work 96 hours a week, 2 jobs, 7 days a week and still be sane after a divorce

It allowed me to continue to push past myself and try to help others

It allowed me to enjoy midnight birthday parties

It allowed me get out of the car and dance at red lights with my kids 

It allows me to have fun, explore, laugh and grow (not bigger) tee hee but in maturity

Celebrate your body, love it, embrace it and acknowledge all the hard work it does for you each day!